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Showing The Money

This is where the book's proceeds are going.

Money Thermometer This is not just my story; it belongs to everyone that got drawn in, used, abused, and ripped off by these con artists. Many people lost money, and were hurt and humiliated--first by Those Two, and then by the smug, scoffing Troll Brigade that jeered online at all the "stupid gullibles." It took courage for people to face that ridicule and explain their involvement with BoE. Their stories helped me write this book (and supply the DOJ with evidence!). And in the same generous spirit that these people gave to Bit of Earth, they supplied this material for the sake of justice, not expecting anything in return.

But this time, the nice guys are going to come out on top.

I'm applying funds from book sales in the following way:

1) Printing and marketing expenses
2) Other direct book expenses (cover art, publicity, etc)
3) Repay my family and I for our losses to the Lying Liars and their Fake Charity

Once those expenses are paid off, I'm going to set aside 30% of the per-book profit to pay off everybody else that lost cash to the Lying Liars.

Thus we have this thermometer. It's not drawn perfectly to scale and I don't have all the amounts, but you can see a general idea of which wrongs have finally been set right.

Finally, when everyone has been paid back, I'd like to settle the promises that BoE broke to the REAL charity Reading is Fundamental. RIF was promised $3000 after Project Elanor and received nothing. They didn't lose anything, per se, but what better way to use the proceeds from the book, as purchased by LOTR fans, than to keep the charitable promises made by the bane of the fandom?

In other words, enjoy the story and know that by purchasing this entertainment, you are supporting a good cause.


P.S. If you are among the ripped off masses and are not on this thermometer, please let me know!