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When A Fan Hits the Shit:
The Rise and Fall of a Phony Charity

In 2003, two obsessed "Lord of the Rings" fans devised a way to meet their favorite celebrities: create a phony charity and invite the stars to host "fundraising events." Meet the stars and pocket the cash--a heist made in heaven! But then they told one lie too many. . .

What People Are Saying About When A Fan

Couldn't put it down. It's very funny and incredibly sad. ~ John Howe

I laughed until I cried. The most fun you will ever have reading about a sociopath and the horror she inflicts. I recommend it to everyone associated with fandom. ~ Colleen Doran

I'm proud of you. ~ Sean Astin

Alive with personality! A web of deceit that would put Shelob to shame! ~ Wolfen Moondaughter, Sequential Tart

I don't think I have ever read a book so quickly (besides the Harry Potter ones). I was just so fascinated... ~ Rebecca Kirkland

Every now and then, you have to stop and look around and make sure you haven't been transported to some surreal, parallel universe. It's a good thing it's funny, because otherwise it would be truly horrifying. ~ Krista Kapphahn

A chronicle of baroque subcultural weirdness...one of a kind. ~ Zach Dundas, Willamette Week

Without any fear of contradiction whatsoever, I can assure you that you've never read a book remotely like When A Fan... ~ James Shannon, Upstate Beat

Any fan of the films will want this book, as will anyone interested in the ways people fool each other. ~ Dan Hays, Statesman Journal

Lively and funny. The lies should have been printed in red and the truth in blue; it would have made for a very colorful book. ~ Laurel Sutton, Lincoln Heights Literary Society

100% accurate...Even with an unfinished version and no illustrations I had a great time reading it. ~ inDUHvidual

Required reading for anyone who's 'met' a new friend online and is considering getting more involved with them in 'the real world'. A compelling, good read... ~ Ian "Irascian" Smith

What a thoroughly bizarre little tale...If you need a little freak show to raise your spirits, this is a good choice. ~ Dorothea Salo

Unusual among true crime stories, both con artists and dupes/avengers are women. Much food here for thought about sexual and gender politics. ~ Rebecca, California

I laughed my ass off. ~ SunnyJim, who is accepting donations for a new ass

Like reading a thriller. ~Tehanu, Co-Founder, TheOneRing.net

Even though I know most of the story, it still is so fascinating to read it all. ~ "NotE!butNice," fellow victim

This is now my favorite book of all time. It is precious to me and shall remain in my family as a sacred heirloom. ~ John Malkinson, fellow victim and cover artist

Began reading it this morning...before I knew it, I was VERY late for work. ~ "MST500," fellow victim

You'll have to take that book with MANY grains of salt. ~ Abigail Stone, con artist

Whatever grains of salt that I was supposed to take have long since disingrated, after finding that the book has evidence from government officials and notes from high profile celebrities. ~ Bluejeans07, California

If I'd pulled even a quarter of the stuff they were up to I'd probably have extensive plastic surgery and move to some remote farming village in Lithuania, rather than parading myself in costume for tourists in front of Mann's Theatre. ~ Silmeore

Get in, sit down, shut up and HANG ON! ~ Alison VanCorbach, Oregon

A wild ride! The fact that this person is still free as a bird concerns me. She should come with a warning sign! ~ Shirley, Great Britain

Fascinates and amuses...A thoroughly readable and entertaining book. ~ Carla, Newfoundland

Fabulous, funny, well-written...I was laughing most of the time. ~